The Role of Fashion in Our Life

Fashion is definitely an integral part of our society. People have always paid much attention to clothes and their appearance. Firstly, clothes served to protect our bodies from the effect of the natural environment whereas people can hardly resist cold and heat. With the run of time, clothes began fulfilling other functions. The social function is the most important one. People of different social classes began wearing different types of clothes. It became easy to notice an external difference between a nobleman and a peasant or merchant. Of course, the difference depended on the price of the clothes. Rich people or aristocracy could afford high-quality and expensive fabrics while the poor could only dream about such products. Very soon, people began thinking about the beauty of their clothes.

Doubtless, this idea existed in the circles of the rich. Honorable men and women paid much money to the designers who created fancy dresses, trousers, coats, shoes and hats. The image of a fashionable person became emphasized with the help of numerous accessories, like scarves and handkerchiefs. Frankly speaking, the general idea of charming and alluring clothes has not disappeared. Fashion still plays a very considerable role in our life.

Let us focus on the oldest and the primary function of fashion. People have always tried to differ from one another. No wonder, the representatives of different occupations wear different clothes. For example, it is easy to recognize a doctor, a sailor, a butcher, a carpenter, a judge, a policeman, etc. Clothes determines our social status. When one wears beautiful clothes, he is treated more positively than the ordinary person. It is not a secret that people use good suits and dresses for their benefit. For instance, if you decide to find a job, you had better come in a quality and neat suit. In this case, you will be accepted better.

There is a proverb – A man is judged by his clothes. If an applicant wears good clothes, he will probably receive the job. Unluckily, you will not get the workplace if your clothes is shabby and dirty. Finally, our clothes emphasizes our social status. Rich people try to wear expensive suits in order to maintain their image. As they say – A true gentleman would rather have his clothes torn than mended. It means that rich people will give all money to obtain fashionable and quality clothes that emphasizes their richness and status.

It is possible to say that fashion is a kind of art. Designers create admirable and uncommon clothes that can emphasize one’s social position and value accurately. Very often, fashionable clothes can be worn in the exclusive situations. You will hardly wear a designer’s suit to go to the nearest supermarket or office. Moreover, designers often produce such items that become very popular among common people. We should admit that every item of your wardrobe was fashionable in its time.

Fashion is a very dynamic phenomenon. Designers change the dominant colors and cuts every year. Sometimes, the innovations and changes are so radical and unexpected that it is hard to evaluate a new item positively. In fact, from the psychological point of view, people who wear ‘challenging’ fashionable clothes do not suffer from the opinion of the third people. They wear extraordinary dresses because they can and they do not care about the point of view of others. They are self-sufficient and confident.

On the other hand, there are several disadvantages of fashion. The initial problem is the need for novelty. When one buys trousers or hat, he thinks that these items are great until they become ‘unfashionable’. Some people have got used to the rapid tempo of fashion. They know that an item can be fashionable for several months. Then, it becomes out-of-date and weird. When you depend on fashion and its laws, you have to change your wardrobe frequently. Without question, it consumes much money. In addition, people purchase many unnecessary items that obstruct and overload your home. The need for new clothes without reason looks like a psychological disorder.

Another weak side of fashion is the state of conformity. Very often, designers release very specific items, the quality and beauty of which can be easily questioned. However, when a celebrity or any other reputed person approves this item, it becomes fashionable. People do not believe to their own feelings and eyes but follow the subjective characteristic of a notable personality. Thus, people decide to conform to the opinions of others and buy expensive fashionable clothes eagerly.

Fashion is a specific phenomenon that has its strong and weak sides. In fact, if you want to look perfectly, you should find your own style. It is not necessary to be modish. Common jeans and a shirt can suit you better than a fancy dress.